Thank you for visiting Miss Belle's! Michelle Huntting offer services that will best fit your life style and your specific needs. In-home training allows for a program customized to solutions that you specifically need and that will fit into your schedule. For those of you that want to learn in the comfort of your own home we now offer on-line courses. Join a group class by the internet! Join an on-line course to gain the knowledge that you can apply with your own dog.

Dog Talk Radio

Michelle Huntting is a host of a popular internet radio show, Dog Talk. She interviews well-know and respected people in the dog industry.

Tune in or listen to replays, here.

Looking for New Pet?

Michelle will aid you in the process of choosing the breed that would best fit your family, finding a breeder, and also conducting an evaluation for either a breeder puppy or shelter adoptionLearn more

Michelle's Books

Check them out Michelle Huntting's, owner of Miss Belle's, published books here.

Potty Training Services

 Michelle will come to your home to help set you and your new rescue or puppy up for success. Learn more

volunteer Report

Michelle Huntting works with several different local organizations, making a difference in our community. Michelle is also in the process of founding a non-profit organization for youth to inspire learning of animal science.

Want a career with dogs?

Kenyon Canine Institute is a school for professionals pursuing a profession in canine training and behavior. Learn more

Training Nation-wide

Michelle provide training nation-wide with behavior consultations via Skype and a group class. Learn more

Michelle's Blog

Michelle's blog includes information on training, nutrition, games and more. Click here to view and follow.

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Every dog trainer is different from levels of experience, education, and background.

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"Miss Belle's was great! I was having trouble getting my one year old lab to go in to her crate. After 1 session with Michelle, Ally went right in her crate! It was wonderful. I was able to observe what Michelle did so that after she left, I had a dog that would listen to me and go in her crate! I honestly could not have done it without the help of Michelle. She also helped with my dogs fear of the laminate flooring. Now we are doing well and are much happier. Thanks Michelle!" -- Stephanie R. Raeford, NC

Service dog Training

For more information on service dog training and great organizations click here to learn more.

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